Monday, January 10, 2011

One On One With Sean Stoqua

Sean Stoqua
GR. 12
Sacred Heart Ottawa
Committed To Acadia Axemen

Q. What is it about basketball that motivates you?
A. The only thing that motivates me today when it comes to basketball is winning a city championship.

Q. Who is your favourite NBA Team and Player?
A. Dont have a favourite team but I like Nash and Nate Robinson

Q. What's your best basketball memory?
A. I have a few good memories- winning the city championship in gr.8, winning u15 nationals with team ontario and winning u19 obas with guardsmen

Q. What is your worst?
A. Losing in the city finals in grade 10

Q. What's your greatest accomplishment so far with basketball?
A. My greatest personal accomplishment is probably making u15 Team Ontario a couple years ago.

Q. Who is the most influential person you know?
A. My father and Dave Smart

Q. Why did you choose Acadia as your next step?
A. I chose Acadia because they have my program in Kinesiology along with a good fit for me in terms of their basketball program. They will also let me play football there as well which I plan to try my first year or two.

Q. What do you want Ontario High school basketball to remember you for?
A. I want Ontario high school basketball to remember me for being that kid who had a chip on his shoulder so big he walked with a limp. I want to be remembered as that player who didnt care what others thought or said, as a player that left everything he had on the court everytime.

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