Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One On One With Joe Rocca

Joe Rocca
GR. 12r
St. Christopher's Sarnia
Committed: Undecided

Q. What is it about basketball that motivates you?
A. Im Really a self motivated person, im always trying to get in the gym and doing my very best to get better. Failure is something that doesnt sit well with me so when im not performing i work harder to get to where i want to be. Also when i hear people critisize me it gives me the fire to prove them wrong.

Q. Who is your favourite NBA Team and Player?
A. Favorite NBA Team: Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets
Favorite NBA Player: Andrea Bargnani, Tracy McGrady, Carmelo Anthony

Q. What's your best basketball memory?
A. My best basketball memory is basically all my highschool career spending time with my teammates over the last 5 yrs and hopefully this year we can cap it off with an OFSAA AA championship.

Q. What is your worst?
A. OBA Championships last season, playing wth London Orion we had 7 players by the end of the year and no one really gave us a shot to do anything at provintials, we were up on Ottawa Guardsmen in the last minute of the semi finals and they come down and with 3 seconds left hit a 3 to go up one and win the game. Just being so close to knocking off the number one team in the province when we were 14 seed and a long shot to make it to there just left a very sour taste in my mouth as to what could have been.

Q. What's your greatest accomplishment so far with basketball?
A. Nothing in particular, many great accomplishments, greatest would be to win an OFSAA title this year.

Q. Who is the most influential person you know?
A. The most influencial person I know have to be my family. Without them I really would not have this work ethic and honestly if i didnt work hard I wouldnt be the player i am today. My parents give me the drive everyday to work hard for something I want and are tough on me along the way so i realize things dont come easy. My brothers have pushed me my whole life to be better my older brother gives me his past experianes and helps me better his decisions and my younger brother is a work horse and is a great player we work together to improve everyday and without him I wouldnt be as succesful.

Q. What's the plan for next year?
A. I plan to get on track and begin towards getting a degree in communications or business. On the basketball side of things I plan to play in the CIS hopefully be able to contribute to a team right away and challenge for a national championship because thats the goal.

Q. What do you want Ontario High school basketball to remember you for?
A. For always working my hardest to help my team win, I want to be remembered as a great player but most importantly id like to be remembered as a winner and winning AA OFSAA this year would cap my HS career off perfectly.

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